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Finishing Touches With Tim Bate

Finishing Touches With Tim Bate

Written By Blades Media, Edited By Rebecca Dismore.

We were recently asked by Tim to join him and document his restoration of a Ferrari 328 GTS engine bay. Over the course of several weeks we watched, photographed and recorded as Master Technician Tim took a 30 year old engine bay and restored its youth.

It was fascinating to watch as Tim meticulously improved the look of every component, down to the last gasket, o ring and clip and to see how the coachwork of the car had its own individual quirks which can make it easier or more difficult to re-seat new and existing parts. During the process we mentioned to Tim that it was a shame that the air box hadn't been restored and he explained to us the reason why…

“Due to the wrinkle finish paint if you were to re-spray the silver logo how it was done in the factory the paint would bleed, as the silver leaks into the dimples on the surface of the air box. We have tried multiple tests with different style paints and delivery systems, and were not able to replicate a finish that is equal to or better than the existing logo.

We do not want to sacrifice originality for something inferior.”

Tim then showed us through the rest of the restoration. He explained how parts which were no longer available from the factory were re-manufactured to an identical design, often with improved performance. However. in other instances where more modern materials would have been available, originality was not compromised.

This mindset is what makes the team at Emblem stand out. Rather than buying all new parts or just making fixes on old parts, they always consider what is right for the car and the owner; changing parts which will enhance the car and saving ones which will keep its character. It was a pleasure working with Tim on this project.

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