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My first experience of Emblem has been excellent. I was very happy with all aspects of the way the work on my Merak was handled. Communication was good at all times - Myles or Martin kept me well up to date with progress and aware of costs. Myles' knowledge and skills are impressive. The car drove very well when I came to pick it up (I've not yet had a chance to drive it since bringing it home due to the foul weather and muddy lanes). It's really good to know that there is such a great team to look after both the Merak and my Shamal! I just wish I lived nearer to Poole!



Having owned and run Ferrari's before it was a pleasure to check my 430 in for an MOT.  I couldn’t have been better looked after especially as I re-arranged the appointment for two previous occasions.  There is a confidence in not finding anything wrong and not even any advisories on the test when experience of other service outfits would suggest that there is plenty of scope to ramp up the charges even with a relatively modern and straightforward model such as the 430.  I look forward to trusting Emblem to look after the next service on the car due in August and to rely on their unbiased help and advice should I encounter any day-to-day problems.



I had a major repair done to my year 2000 manual Maserati Quattroporte Evoluzione IV last year because of the cam belt breaking and causing major engine damage.  The repairs were successful inasmuch as the car started first time, and the day after it would not start at all.  After trying many many things, a friend recommended I contact Emblem Sports Cars and I was very impressed with the response and indeed finding the cause of the problem and acting wholly professional in every respect.  In Myles Aldous and the Emblem team I felt very comfortable indeed from start to finish.  Many thanks, and well done indeed, you are a class act.



Just wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work and care you have given to me and my Ferrari over the last 7 weeks. It has been a great comfort knowing and seeing the dedication and skill you have put into getting my car back on the road, especially when at one point it may have been time to sell the Ferrari because of costs.


Your support and advice has been invaluable and certainly saved me and the car by identifying issues that may have ultimately been disastrous. I have enjoyed the experience and this has been made pleasurable by the teams company and support.


I will at every opportunity make others aware of the dedicated team Emblem have and encourage them to utilise your skills when ever required.


Thanks so much


I have included a picture of the car taken yesterday and busy writing an article for our newsletter and the FOC magazine



​This is just a short note to thank you for your care and attention last Wednesday (15th of October). I was quite worried when I moved away from my local award winning V.A.G specialist, thinking I'd find it hard to replace them. 

I certainly made the right decision moving to Emblem. You all made me feel welcome and valued, even as a newcomer to the Maserati world.


After Miles completed all that work the drive home was certainly different, better. The car felt more stable at speed and the gear-change has been sharpened up without any more 'jerkiness' being introduced. I spent less time trying to keep it in a straight line and more time enjoying the drive. I've not had a chance to open up the folder yet to go over in detail what was done as I've had to hide it away in the house so my wife doesn't see it. I'll have a proper look this weekend hopefully and look at what needs doing next.


I look forward to meeting you all again and making my car better still. 



Since my recent purchase of a QP5, I looked for a garage that would quickly focus on the type of owner I am and one that would support me in my endeavour to get the right balance between what is needed on the car against expenditure.


We know costs can easily run away with us and I can only afford this type of car through careful management of cost of ownership.


However, working with Miles, through our first Saturday complimentary workshop and subsequent discussions and visits to Emblem with Martin, I have established good communications and rapport with both and they have assured me of strong and prudent support in bringing the car up to an acceptable standard and maintenance/service level.


They provide confidence in product knowledge and I know I can also ask for alternative solutions without the usual main dealer stuffiness. In addition, the Emblem facilities are exactly what you would expect from a leading service provider such as yours.


And finally, they are incredibly nice chaps to boot.



Please thank Martin and Darren for the excellent service and attention to detail. I won’t hesitate to use you again and recommend you.


J Saunders

Ref your customer enquiry-the visit was very pleasurable and nice to meet the members of the team who gave me as much of their time as I needed. Tim provided a brilliant technical background to my car with recommendations for the future.I will definitely be using Emblem for future servicing etc.



​Regarding your email below I can confirm that my experience with Emblem Sports Cars was nothing short of exemplary. The level of customer support, technical competence, attention to detail and communication was everything I would expect from a company specialising in high performance cars and in whose hands I entrusted my Ferrari 360 for its service and some minor repairs. I was not disappointed. My expectations were not only met but were exceeded in every way.


I will not consider taking my car to anybody else but Emblem Sports Cars in the future and I would highly recommend to anybody seeking the same level of expertise and care to do the same.


My only regret was that, due to overseas commitments, I was unable to attend your recent Open Day to tour your facilities, meet the team and to sample a bacon buttie!


I wish Emblem Sports Cars all the success they thoroughly deserve. Keep up the good work!

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