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Salon Prive

Chassis 017s was the last of 5 cars bodied in this style before the more familiar 'flat sided' body was introduced together with the very first 'Barchetta', also designed by Touring on the 166. These iconic cars became the foundation of Ferrari's early road racing success.

Lots of preperation at Emblem ensued and the car finally took its place next to a wonderful race worn 166 Barchetta, chassis 0040mm with distinguished Targa Florio, Mille Miglia and more recently Ferrari Shell Challenge race pedigree.

Our class judges were led by Aldolfo Orsi, son of Omar Orsi who held the reins of Maserati between 1937 and 1969. A highly respected international judge including Pebble Beach and the Chief judge for the Ferrari 60 Concours.

Did we win the class?

Sadly no, but our topless sister the 166 Barchetta 0040mm did, plus Car of the Show!!! Well we were next to this great little car and we did 'outshine' it. You just cannot compete with the race pedigree. Great to be part of the same family though!

A wonderful 3 days and another magnificent effort by Sarah and the team. An absolutely magic gathering of truly great cars.

Clive was delighted that the 166 was able to play it's part.

salon prive 1.jpg
salon prive 2.jpg
salon prive 3.jpg

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