Maserati Servicing 

When the time has come to have your pride and joy serviced, you may have many questions or concerns. Which service is required? ...When is it due? ...What's involved?

With all necessary tooling and diagnostic equipment on site, a fully qualified team with over 40 years combined Maserati experience and factory training on all the latest tipos, we are able to offer a very personal yet highly cost effective professional service. Emblem prides itself as one of the leading Maserati specialists in the UK.


Our Maserati service guide is a brief introduction to help with some of these questions and provide an insight into the differences between the various models. Please click on your model for further information. For more individual advice, complete the contact form opposite or give Martin a call on 01202 722247.


Alternatively, our Complimentary Saturday Morning Clinics are a popular way of getting to know the mechanical characteristics of your car.

Ghibli Servicing

Contact us for competitive prices on Ghibli servicing.

Levante Servicing

Contact us for competitive prices on Levante servicing.

Quattroporte VI Servicing

With the latest Maserati "Diagnosi" system we have all the necessary equipment to look after these models. 

Granturismo Servicing

The first Maserati range to have a two year service interval and mileage services every 12,500 miles. 

Quattroporte V Servicing

The fifth version of the successful four door with a 4.2 and 4.7 engine available. Post 2007 cars are supplied with only the ZF auto 

4200 / Gransport Servicing

As with the Quattroporte, there are four different types of annual service with different fluids, filters and belts changed at each 

3200 Servicing

Mileage service intervals are 6,250 miles for the first service and then 12,500 thereafter but the car should be serviced yearly. 

Quattroporte IV Servicing

Maserati QP IV servicing is required every 6,000 miles with these models. Valve clearances must be checked and adjusted 

Ghibli Servicing

Maserati Ghibli and 4v Bi-Turbo servicing is required every 6,000 miles with these models. Valve clearances must be checked and 

Shamal Servicing

Maserati Shamal servicing is required every 6,000 miles with these models. Valve clearances must be checked and adjusted 

Bi-Turbo Servicing

Maserati Bi-Turbo 2.5 and 2.8 V6 18v servicing intervals are every 6,000 miles. The 12,000 mile service includes valve clearance 

To book your Maserati Service simply email us & we'll call you straight back, alternatively call 01202 722247

Maserati Annual Service Schedule

Every Year | Every 2 Years | Every 3 Years | Every 4 Years

Engine Oil & Filter

Pollen Filter

Brake Fluid

Manual Gearbox Oil

Auto Gearbox Oil

Diff Oil

Power Steering Oil


AC Regas & Filter

Auxiliary Belt

Timing Belt (3200)

Lambda Sensors

Fuel Carbon Canister

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Maserati Case Studies

Maserati 3200 Head Gasket & Clutch

View Project Here

Maserati Shamal Refresh

View Project Here

Maserati Ghibli Cambelt

View Project Here

These beautiful cars need to be serviced and maintained to the highest levels by people who have an intimate knowledge

of what is required. Each model and indeed each car is individual and needs to be treated as such. 

Most importantly, the experience and qualification of the technician who carries out the work needs to be of the highest standard. 

Our Maserati technical team led by Myles (Director) is hands on and will walk you through each step of every procedure

in the workshop. Integrity and transparancy are our core principles.

An exceptional car deserves an exceptional service

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